Talsu novads. Pa ceļam.

Group of authors: Uldis Balga, Dainis Kārkluvalks, Edgars Lācis, Rūdolfs Edmunds Liepiņš, Aivars Plendišķis, Jānis Priedītis, Marta Rake-Lasmane, Andris Reinholds, Jānis Saliņš, Zigmārs Šteins, Raitis Vegmanis, Gunta Vilne, Juris Zandersons, Jānis Heidemanis, Raimonds Dambis, Uldis Dārznieks, Gints Gerhards, Dace and Ilgonis Grosvaldi; designer: Aleksejs Muraško

Reflection of Talsi Municipality roads and their stories in the works of 19 photographers. Unilateral hardcover binding. The cover is made of fabric, with foil stamping and blind embossing. The book block is glued with a thin layer of glue and green Calico material. This solution ensures that an open book does not close by itself. The inside pages are printed using stochastic raster on uncoated paper, therefore preserving the subtle nuances of the photographs’ colour transitions to the maximum.


Talsi Municipality and Photo Club of Talsi




Art, Photography

Technical specification

Hardcover, unilaterlal binding, straight spine, foil stamping, blind embossing, stochastic raster printing, size: 210x287 mm


Cover: Savanna 5701; endpapers: Surbalin Glatt 6042; inner pages: Munken Lynx 150 g/m²

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