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ClimateCalc Certificate

The ClimateCalc certificate, obtained for the first time in May 2022, certifies the compliance of JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA with the requirements for the use of the Carbon Emissions Calculation Method. The certification process is overseen by ClimateCalc International in accordance with the standard set by the European trade association Intergraf, and is the only international standard for calculating carbon emissions in the printing industry. The subsequent offsetting or neutralisation of emissions to move towards climate neutrality is a positive initiative, but preventive reduction of pollution is much more effective and this method of calculating emissions has been developed with this goal in mind.

For the printing house, ClimateCalc certification and the ability to use the emissions calculation tool means seeing the carbon emissions from the production process in numerical terms and taking sequential actions to reduce them as efficiently as possible, for example by changing the way heat is produced or, if the data indicates, optimising logistics. In turn, this gives customers the opportunity to assess the potential environmental impact of each order throughout its lifecycle before production begins, and to work with the printer to reduce this impact, for example by choosing materials whose production and supply are more environmentally friendly.

Read more on the ClimateCalc homepage.

JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA’S ClimateCalc Certificate No. CC-000168/LV.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA is proud to announce a comprehensive and engaging environmental program that has received the Ecolabel Swan. To work for a better environment is a natural part of our work and we aim for a general environmental awareness in our daily work.

There are many stringent requirements to receive this trusted certification such as auditing of material content, chemicals approval, indoor air quality, air-, water- and ground emissions submittals, licensed recycling program, renewable energy, efficient resource usage, and waste disposal all must be achieved.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria is built upon a life cycle assessment perspective – from raw material to end of life – and only the environmentally best products receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It is an effective program for helping companies that are working on sustainable solutions – while helping consumers and professional buyers to choose environmentally sound goods and services.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification was created in 1989 at the request of the Nordic Council of Ministers with the aim of creating a product labelling system that would promote consumption of environmentally sustainable products.

The Nordic Ecolabel is a voluntary, third party certified labeling scheme that evaluates a product's or service's impact on the environment throughout the whole product's life-cycle. The label guarantees among other things that climate requirements are taken into account, and that CO2 emissions are minimized.

GREEN ENERGY Certificate

As of 1 May 2021, the agreement between JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA and Ignitis Latvija SIA on the purchase of electricity obtained from 100% renewable energy resources is in force. Ignitis Latvija SIA purchases electricity from electricity producers in the Baltic Sea region through the Nord Pool power exchange. The certificate issued by Ignitis Latvija SIA confirms that from now on we will use only green energy.

In reality, this means that we will reduce CO2 emissions in the book production process, because one of the most effective solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the consumption of energy from renewable sources. According to Eurostat data, the largest sources of renewable electricity in the European Union are wind and water, while the fastest growing source is solar energy.

Forests For All Forever Certificate

At the end of 2007 printing house JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA was the first printing house in Latvia to hold a certificate of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) supply chain. This means that our customers can choose paper produced from sustainably managed forests for their books and other printed matter and mark their printed materials with the FSC logo. Read more about FSC at https://ic.fsc.org/en.

The Nature does not demand much from us. In fact, it demands almost nothing. Just next time when you will lay flooring, buy furniture or print a booklet or a book, choose materials bearing the FSC® label. It will not make it more expensive. And the Nature will sure remunerate you.

Sertificate registration code NC-COC-013232.

ECO Sign "Green Belt"

„Zaļā josta” Ltd. is a Latvian company that cares for clean Latvia and responsible business activity by operating in two ways:

• We organize management of used packaging, disposable dishes and tableware, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances thus providing an opportunity for our clients to obtain a 100% exemption from Natural Resources Tax as well as to ensure that waste generated by their economic activity is collected, recycled and goes into repeated circulation.

• We organize environmentally educational activities.