The Homecoming. Roche in Riga: a Historic Remediation.

Group of authors: Juris Salaks (author), Bruno Gemmi (author), Gatis Didrihsons (author), Aleksejs Muraško (designer, photographer), Romans Šklenniks (photographer).

Book – a work of art. Its content reflects Roche’s operations in Latvia and the transformation of its historic building from its beginnings to the present day. The book cover is made of fabric. Fine foil stamping and blind embossing on the cover. The overhang of the cover over the block is only 1 mm on all sides. The inner pages consist of three different papers. One block of inner pages is made of brown Geltex paper, printed in two colours, including silver pantone. Printing the inner pages with stochastic raster allows you to preserve the original quality of the images and not lose the subtle nuances of colour transitions. Thanks to the fact that the book block is glued with a thin layer of glue and the binding is done without a headband, the book is easy to leaf through and maintains its position while open.


Alexander Lukas Bieri




History & Architecture

Technical specification

Hardcover, blind embossing, foil stamping, different width inner pages, stochastic raster printing, size: 193x296 mm


Cover: Cialux 1542; inner pages: Arctic Volume Ivory 130 g/m², Arctic Volume White 130 g/m², Geltex Ls 115 g/m² Tabaco, endpapers: Geltex Ls Tabaco


ED Awards 2021 Silver prize in the Book Layout category

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